March of Dimes Fundraisers

Today, April 14, we will be raising money for the March of Dimes outside of Hyvee from 4-6, please come help if you are able.  Also, don’t forget to fill your baby bottles with as much money as you can and bring them to the next meeting Monday the 18th.



At 7:00 pm on April 27th we will be having the year-end PBL potluck and induction ceremony of the new officers.  Gio has set up a google doc where you can write what you are bringing, here is the link:

Hope to see everyone there!


Nominations and Elections

We had nominations tonight for officer positions for next year, and elections will be held next week.  It is very important that everyone attends next week, same time, same place. (7 PM in VH 1428) If you would like to run for a position or nominate someone else for a position just email Jake this week.

 Good luck to all the nominee’s!!


SLC Winners!

Congratulations to the following PBL members for placing at the State Leadership Conference!

Small Business Development Plan Team: Megan Recklein, Wanding Shi, Salisa Suwanprathip – 1st

Financial Analysis and Decision Making: Duc Thai – 2nd & Wanding Shi – 3rd

Marketing Concepts: Laura Stucky – 4th

Financial Concepts: Duc Thai – 1st & Qi Wang – 4th

Job Interview: Laura Hein – 2nd

Management Concepts: Megan Recklein – 2nd

Microeconomics: Qi Wang – 3rd

Sports Management and Marketing: Jacob Caughron – 3rd & Ryan Peterson – 4th

Contemporary Sports Issues: Gio Amashukeli – 3rd

Business Decision Making Team: Parker Leatherman, Daniel Riekena, Kadie Webster – 1st


SLC Update

We will be meeting this Friday (March25th) at 6:15 A.M in the parking lot between the Sub and McClain.  We will depart shortly after, stop for breakfast, and ideally arrive in Jefferson City at 8:30.  The opening ceremony is at 9:00 and events start after that.  Feel free to leave a comment on here, or email anyone on the exec board or Mrs. Poyner with any questions!


Meeting tonight

We will have an informational meeting tonight (March 21st) at 7 in our usual room in VH.  We will discuss the SLC and March of Dimes, then head outside for a brotherhood event.  Hope to see you all there!


Big Event

Last Saturday some of our members participated in the Big Event.  I just wanted to say thanks to all who helped out! Pictures will be up soon!



Friday March 25th 15 of our members will be leaving for Jefferson City to attend the State Leadership Conference.  Most members took their event’s tests this past Monday, and some will be competing in team events on Friday at the SLC.  We will leave Friday morning, team events and a banquet dinner are that evening, awards are Saturday morning and we will return that afternoon. 

The members participating are Jacob Caughron, Duc Thai, Kadie Webster, Laura Heien, Sara Whitman, Daniel Riekena, Tom Clubb, Megan Recklein, Wanding Shi, Parker Leatherman, Ryan Peterson, Laura Stucky, Salisa Suwanthaprip, Qi Wang, Gio Amashukeli.