Below lists our current 2017-2018 Executive Team. They can be contacted via pbltruman@gmail.com. Lastly, many thanks to our Fall 2015 pledge Garland Johnson for allowing us to use his professional photos. 


President: Taylor N. Libbert

The President shall (a) preside over meetings of the Chapter, (b) appoint all committees, (c) serve as an ex-officio member of all chapter committees, (d) serve as Business Student Executive Council representative, (e) hold regular meetings with the adviser(s), and (f) promote the growth and development of PBL.



VP of Professionalism: Monica Hunter

The Vice President of Professionalism shall (a) plan and facilitate chapter meeting programs, (b) enforce professionalism within the chapter, (c) assist the president in the promotion and development of PBL, (d) preside over pledge meetings, (e) educate pledges about FBLA-PBL, and (f) serve as the Professionalism Committee Chair.



TkObRw7dpCVP of Finance: Alexis Caraker                                                               

The Vice President of Finance shall (a) plan and conduct fundraising activities and events, (b) ensure sufficient funds are upheld for chapter needs, (c) monitor chapter bank statements, (d) apply for funding for conferences, and (e) serve as the Finance Committee Chair.



VP of Event Management: Evan Thierry

The Vice President of Event Management shall (a) educate members, campus, and community about March of Dimes Foundation, (b) plan and facilitate community service projects, (c) encourage chapter participation in campus-wide activities, and (d) plan and facilitate recreational and social events, (e) enhance chapter morale and camaraderie, (f) serve as Risk Management Officer, and (g) serve as the Event Management Committee Chair.



VP of Communication: Shuting Deng

The Vice President of Communication shall (a) oversee all public relations activities and events, (b) publicize to potential members activities and opportunities within PBL, (c) maintain records of the Chapter, including an annual report of its activities, awards, and publicity, (d) maintain and update social media outlets, (e) design and order apparels and merchandise for the chapter, (f) create newsletters, (g) promptly supply a copy of the minutes after a meeting, (h) keep an accurate record of the chapter and executive meetings, and (i) serve as the Communication Committee Chair.



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